May 2007

Tracing the Orient Express

Thirty years after the Orient Express made its final journey from London to Istanbul, Adam Sloan hits Paris, Vienna and Sofia to follows in its footsteps

Crazy for Kate?

Until recently, if Kate Moss was snapped in an outfit it was guaranteed to fly off the shelves. So why has her Topshop range flopped? Sarah Foster meets the fashionistas who are turning their noses up at the wardrobe of a style icon

Living green: on a mission to reduce my carbon footprint

Living a ‘low-carbon’ life is the green brigade’s latest idea on how individuals can help halt climate change. Toby Green spends a week trying to limit his carbon emissions to see whether he can make a difference – without breaking the bank

The art of Facebooking

One year since the pinnacle of social networking landed on York’s campus, Sara Sayeed considers the ways in which Facebook has revolutionalised student culture

A good face for radio

Steve Lamacq’s Radio 1 show was essential listening for a generation of music fans. Ben Rackstraw chats to his childhood hero

Stepping into the spotlight: the cinema and the stars

Armed with paper and a pen, Kathryn Bromwich hits the red carpet at Cannes in style to give an exclusive account of the films, the celebrities and the old-time glamour

Poems of a political prisoner

Nicky Woolf talks to the poet about his latest book, Beasts of Nulanga, and relocating from Africa to North Yorkshire

In the end,” says Jack Mapanje, pausing momentarily to look me in the eye, as if seeking to search out my motivations, “I narrow them down to you and me.”

Heslington East to go ahead at cost of £500m

The University of York has received government permission to proceed with its £500m Heslington East expansion on Green Belt land, despite controversy over the impact it will have on the environment and life in the area

York condemned for Sudan investment

The University’s investment policy has come under increased scrutiny after documents obtained by Nouse under the Freedom of Information Act revealed the University’s academic pension fund manager USS Ltd holds shares in Petrochina, a company with links to the war-torn area of Darfur

Anger as York fails to divest shares in BAE

Ethical investment campaigners have expressed further dismay after a Nouse investigation has shown that the University of York still holds shares in a controversial arms company 18 months after they were first exposed

Students arrested for fraud after cheating in exam

A University of York student has been convicted of fraud after persuading a friend to sit one of his final exams for him. The court was told that the student acted out of desperation and “suffered something of a breakdown” in the run-up to his exams

YUSU budget up by more than £100,000

YUSU’s budget has risen by more than £100,000 in the last year, largely due to an increase in the block grant allocated to them by the University. The budget, which was passed by YUSU’s Finance Committee on May 22, now awaits ratification by the University’s Finance Department