Bobo lobo, 5 little stonegate


Ave. food price: £10
Ave. drink price: £6

Blood red napkins wiped away the remains of vibrant mouthfuls that had missed their target. The taste of Latin America was becoming almost too strong. The regular sips of San Miguel acted as anaesthetic between bites.

As I surveyed the geography of the menu, it became apparent I was in for a perilous journey. The origins of flavour ranged from Mexico, Columbia and Ecuador over to Cuba. However, with enthusiasm to experience these rich dishes, and with Senor Miguel as my faithful guide, I felt prepared.

My taste bud bombardment started in Mexico. After my initial hesitation, I forked through the enjoyable goat cheese stuffed chillies. I then searched for refuge in the familiar face of chicken fajitas for mains and had a strawberry daquiri cheesecake for dessert.

South America’s culinary influence is truly the shiny side of the peso. The collaboration of these countries’ cuisine produced an impressive list, only disappointing in the fact that my menu wasn’t a peace treaty. The intense passion of everything South American made my visit to Bobo Lobo authentic and exciting. However, I left with a firm reminder that where there’s heat, there’s fire.

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