November 2006

University drops down league table

ACADEMICS AND ADMIN staff have criticised teaching standards at York at the same time as a new study sees the University of York lose its place at the top of a teaching quality league table

Teaching Standards questioned as Heslington East plans power on

York academics and staff speak out against University policy

Full statement from Senior Departmental Administrator:

“The University has got complacent: we need a kick up the arse. We’re spending far too much time, money and effort on Heslington East, and as a result we’re forgetting the importance of our students.”

York officials express their opinions on the controversial Heslington East expansion

“The large increase in population should not be at the expense of York. The public inquiry is a bit of a farce really, you have to see the inquiry to see how largely it is stacked in favour of the developers.”

Heslington East plan battles through

Senior University officials are “very confident” of receiving planning permission from government minister Ruth Kelly within weeks for the controversial Heslington East expansion

Heslington East: The enquiry in context

Following the results of the public inquiry, the final verdict on the future of the Heslington East project will be received from Communities and Local Government Secretary Ruth Kelly in January 2007

King’s Manor burgled

King’s Manor was broken into on November 22 by a burglar who smashed a 15th Century window with a brick and climbed in, only to steal two sandwiches and some alcohol before falling asleep for several hours

CUs take legal action against Student Unions

Christian students across the country are taking legal action against their Students’ Unions. York CU executive members met on November 23 to discuss their relationship with YUSU

SU in ‘joke’ bingo scandal

YUSU sabbatical officers have claimed that a game of “students’ bingo” devised by them was “only a joke” and was never intended to be carried out, amidst accusations of “inappropriate and compromising behaviour”

York media success

York was well represented at the recent NUS Student Media Awards, held in association with the Press Association. Nouse was…

£55k spent on kitchen crisis compensation

The kitchens crisis that has affected several colleges has finally been resolved after the Deputy Vice Chancellor Felicity Riddy announced a decision to pay out a total of £55,000 in compensation to affected students

Thief caught in student’s room after rash of campus break-ins

After a spate of break-ins in Halifax and Goodricke colleges, a suspect has been arrested and is facing trial

SU Women’s Officers propose the censorship of ‘lads’ mags’

A Union General Meeting Motion proposing the movement of ‘lads’ mags’ in Your:Shop to the top shelf has failed to meet the quoracy and therefore was not passed, following the recent UGM vote