Evil Eye Lounge, 42 Stonegate

For all freshers new to York, there is just one place you need to know about: The Evil Eye Lounge. Located in Stonegate, this small internet café-come-bar, with its ultra trendy East Asian décor, is home to the best and most exciting cocktails in town. Every evening will prove lively and loud.

Basically, the Evil Eye is shamelessly cool – even Johnny Depp was rumoured to frequent it during filming of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Even for those familiar with the Eye’s unique evening experience, you mightn’t be aware of what I love most about this place: the food.

Keeping in style with the décor, they offer a fantastic range of Thai food before 9pm every day (except Sundays, when they serve an equally good hearty Sunday roast). Everything is rich in ingredients, full of flavour, and relentlessly spicy (so watch out for any item with a 3 or 4 star chilli rating!). My personal favourite is the shrimp pad thai, and at a mere £5.50, it’s an absolute bargain. No item exceeds £9 and I’ve never had to wait longer than 15 minutes for an order. Better yet, if you wish to enjoy the Eye’s funky atmosphere but aren’t too fond of the exotic cuisine, then don’t worry – they do a pretty good teriyaki burger too.

One comment

  1. Semi-cool but perhaps guilty of neglecting the basics. I noticed I’d been short measured when I ordered a round of vodkas, so I observed the bar girl for several rounds. Just as I suspected, she was doing it every time – not so cool afterall. We then ordered some food and were told how we’d made a good choice and that it would be ‘divine’. Unfortuntely it took 25 mins to arrive and it was barely lukewarm, never mind hot.
    Perhaps this was once a great bar, but I get the impression they peaked a while ago and now they’re on the slippery slope of indifference. Shame really.