October 2006

Print Edition: 11th October 2006

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Student attacked by gunman

A UNIVERSITY of York student recently fought back after an armed robber attempted to mug him at gunpoint on Heslington Road.

The third year science student knocked the would-be robber to the floor and wrestled the gun from him while repeatedly punching him in the face, before escaping with the firearm.

The attempted mugging took place on Thursday September 20 at 2.40 a.m., when the student was walking home from The Gallery nightclub

Pentagon funds University research into arms trade

The University’s Computer Science Department has been awarded a controversial research grant of up to $2.6 million by the American and British militaries

Ex-student’s artwork stolen over summer from Wentworth

A post-graduate has had works of art valued at £600 stolen whilst on display in Wentworth College

Nouse award success

For the second time in two years and in its 40 year history, Nouse has been nominated for the Student Newspaper of the Year in the Guardian Student Media Awards 2006

Ziggy’s becomes first of several strip clubs

Ziggy’s nightclub has undergone a £65,000 transformation to become York’s first strip club since the early 1970s. Since Ziggy’s opened for exotic dancing this September, seven other businesses have inquired about opening lap-dancing venues in York

York graduates’ terror in Beirut

Several Graduates from the University of York found themselves trapped in Lebanon during the Israel-Hezbollah conflict over the summer

Beirut struggling to rebuild after ‘July War’

Two months after the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in Southern Lebanon came to an end, the situation on the ground is far from stable

Porters’ Union prepares to take action against University managers

A legal challenge to the University over proposed changes to portering contracts is being drawn up by lawyers acting for the public services union, Unison, following a prolonged dispute between porters and University managers

Badger Hill residents lash out at students

A petition by the Badger Hill Action Group (BHAG) sent to 565 home owners was returned with over 500 signatures protesting against the letting out of family homes as student accommodation in an estate situated nearby campus.

In the petition, handed to the York Council planning head, Mike Slater, the BHAG demand that the Council use its planning powers to limit the amount of houses let privately estate

Self-catering facilities cut

The university has substantially removed or reduced accommodation cooking facilities across campus in response to new government fire and safety regulations

Freshers angry at facility cuts

University officials had to deal with angry parents and compensate freshers with free meal vouchers as students arrived on campus over the weekend