June 2006

Woodstock Coverage

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Cardboard Radio, Fibbers, 9/6/06

Yes, I too thought my dreams of ever frolicking in York to R&B music that actually stands for Rhythm & Blues, not Ringtones & Bling, had faded into our streets’ medallion-studded night. However, hope is to be found in the shape of Cardboard Radio, who will willingly mop up the blood from any battered ears that have taken too much Gallery-shaped abuse

Foo Fighters, Hyde Park Corner

Last Saturday 85, 000 fans flocked to Hyde Park Corner to witness the biggest gig in the history of The Foo Fighters. Now at the height of their fame, the band were given free reign to pick and choose the support acts at this mini-festival, picking the friends they’ve toured with over the years. Joining the queue, and taking in the palpable atmosphere on one of the hottest days in memory, there was a definite sense that today was going to be special. It certainly was

Print Edition: 27th June 2006

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Hard Candy

Director: David Slade With: Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page Runtime: 103 min Cinema loves controversy as the most taboo subjects often…

Meltons Too, 25 Walmgate

A laid-back café-bar bistro version of the more formal (and expensive) Melton’s on Scarcroft road, Melton’s too prides itself in using local produce and meats whenever possible. Thus the drinks list is quite extensive, and although the cheapest bottle of wine is 11.95, they’ll sell it to you in half-litre or glass form as well.

Thilda Thai, 16 George Hudson Street

Located on George Hudson Street and nestled quietly amongst the more chaotic Jumbos and Reflex, the often over-looked Thida is a pleasant enclave of calm. Once inside the purple walls, lined with carvings of elephants and alcoves adorned with bright flowers and Thai Buddhas, lend an atmosphere of tranquillity

Which Sweeties?

Gosh, isn’t it a long time since you skipped off to the sweetie shop in the first flush of youth, with a feverish glint in your eye! Some readers may have fond memories of a generic Woolworth’s pic ‘n’ mix counter feeding their childhood sugar-based fantasies, others may have had their confectionary dispensed by a kindly old tweed-clad gentleman who wore special gloves and had a slightly creepy smile…

Local MP John Grogan

With the World Cup reaching its climax and the Wimbledon fortnight underway my mind turns to sport.

It is now nearly a year since London won the right to host the 2012 Olympics. I only got really enthusiastic when a couple of weeks before the announcement was made I spoke to a primary school class of 11 year olds in a village not a dozen miles from the campus. Instead of asking me whether I had met the Queen or how much I got paid, they were eager to learn if I thought London would carry the day

SU denies No Sweat support

AN ATTEMPT to persuade the Students’ Union to support the anti-sweatshop campaign has been quashed in its first stages by…

Valley of the Dolls, Jacqueline Susann

If you need a sleazy beach read but think you’re too cool for Jackie Collins, you need to check out Jacqueline Susann’s trash masterpiece. The term ‘cult classic’ is horribly abused, but the novel is so deliciously sordid that it fully deserves being categorised in that way

A guide to the ‘Year of Reform’

THE STUDENTS’ UNION have claimed success in their ‘Year of Reform’, despite the criticisms it has received from students. The…