Wanted: an ethical policy

York University students may often be teased for being apathetic, unpolitical and surprisingly right-wing considering most of them are sponging off the state, yet there is a heartening and growing campaign for the University to pull out of their shares in major arms manufacturers.

At the end of the days, the money invested is students money: our money which we have chosen to invest in an education at this institution. Obviously money does need to be made by the University, but this doesn’t mean that it can continue to shun moral and ethical responsibilities, which should (but often aren’t) be considered a priority for any company, even one whose customers aren’t putting pressure on them.

The next few weeks are vitally important, and the profile must continued to be raised by campus media and YUSU for this issue so it doesn’t go away. Societies like People and Planet need our support: they can only take on the might of the University by themselves for so long.

So sign the petition in Vision, continue to support Micky’s push and show students do care, and look for any ways in which you can pressure the University. It may sound idealistic, but a change can be made. It may sound overdramatic, but a chance needs to be made.