Star Letters: AUT support?

“YUSU defy NUS over boycott” screams Nouse, as if Kat Fletcher were even now hurtling to York to break Micky Armstrong’s legs unless he changes his line. The editorial of page 12 states YUSU have decided not to “have an easy life” and support the boycott. Indeed, the “easy life” of support for the lecturers to improve our education system was spurned in favour of the tough strategy of doing bugger all and selling out campus workers in struggle.

Neither YUSU nor Nouse seem to have much faith in UCEA’s benevolence towards the lecturers. They “support” the lecturers pay claim. But when push comes to shove YUSU and Nouse have parroted UCEA’s propaganda.

If we want an education system that is properly funded, with well paid staff, we have to actually fight for it. Yes, that will always involve disruption, but the alternative is to give a free reign to those who care only about the universities balance sheet, not the staff or students. YUSU and Nouse have taken a definite political stance in this strike and it’s clear whose side this has put them on. If we really support our lecturers then we need to actually translate that into action when they most need it.

Mike Wood,

Politics Dept. Postgrad

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