Blast from the Editorial Past

Julian Hammerton and Charlotta Salmi delve into the Nouse archive

New Bar Opening

With regard to the social programme of next term two main events are planned. Besides the Cellars, a Grand Dance on the lawns at the back of Heslington on May 15th, the occasion of the York – Lancashire Tournament; the main attraction being most likely “Long John Barley and his Hoochi Coochi Men”.

If this University wants a social centre then it has to support it in two ways: first by patronising events organised and secondly by offering to help in the running of the Cellars on the actual night.

Social Sectratory Dave Spells is asking for more help with refreshments and the door for the

University Curfew

No decision has yet been reached about a college or room curfew. Although the time has not been fixed it is thought that undergraduates will normally be expected to return to their respective colleges by midnight. Some members of staff feel that a fine should be issued on latecomers, others that they should be made to sign back in.

Although certain members of staff appear to be certain about the nature of the institution we study in, we are not (I think) at school.

Nouse is prepared to issue a questionnaire to find out exactly what students feel about the curfew.

College System Birth

The collegiate system will come into full operation October 1965 with the completion of the first two colleges – Derwent and Langwith.

Power is being decentralised, and handed out to the respective colleges, but there is a remarkable lack of knowledge and thought preparation for the inevitable upheavals of October among the student body.