Entwistle trial ‘unfair’ in US

The lawyer representing Neil Entwistle, the York graduate who is currently awaiting trial charged with murdering his wife and nine-month old child, has claimed that his client “cannot get a fair trial” in the US due to the massive media interest.

Elliott Weinstein was speaking earlier this month after Entwistle, 27, appeared before the American Superior Court to enter a plea of not guilty to two accounts of first-degree murder and various firearm charges. The proceedings lasted for five minutes and Neil Entwistle remained handcuffed throughout.

Entwistle was the subject of a manhunt after fleeing the US for his native England a day after the murders were believed to have taken place. US Officials later arrested him after questioning and he is currently being held in Cambridge Prison, Massachussetts.

Middlesex Country Sheriff, James DiPaola, said: “I find it extremely interesting how calm he is – sort of matter of fact about what he’s going through. He’s very even-keeled.”