May 2006

Wanted: an ethical policy

York University students may often be teased for being apathetic, unpolitical and surprisingly right-wing considering most of them are sponging off the state, yet there is a heartening and growing campaign for the University to pull out of their shares in major arms manufacturers.

At the end of the days, the money invested is students money: our money which we have chosen to invest in an education at this institution

Students to graduate without degree class

York University last week announced plans to award students’ degrees that are incomplete as a result of work not being marked or set, after the Association of University Teachers (AUT) assessment boycott continued into its third month.

The announcement comes as concerns heighten in universities throughout the UK over the chances of examinations being marked in time for final-year students to graduate this summer, with the University of York admitting this week that 10% of its students will be affected by the dispute

Student outrage at arms shares

The People and Planet Society has hit out over the University’s continued investment in BAE Systems, the third largest arms exporter in the world.

Ric Lander, the Chair of the York Student group, said that the University’s policy is a “complete misnomer” and has continued to call for the Vice-Chancellor to pull out of the company. In October 2005 Nouse first revealed that York had 115,000 shares in BAE after the information was revealed through the Freedom of Information Act, and York Vision has since joined the campaign against the investments

Goodricke ignores University’s Fairtrade stance with Nestlé event sponsorship deal

Goodricke College’s flagship event, ‘Playboy Mansion’, is to be sponsored by international food giant Nestlé, whose Rowntree division is based in York.

The event, which will take place on Friday week five, is being billed as ‘Playboy Mansion: Chocolate Encore’ with the Nestlé logo appearing on promotional material for the event. In exchange, Nestlé has given Goodricke 800 bars of chocolate for distribution at the event

Campus bar closures confirmed

DESPITE THE ‘Save our Bars’ campaign, Commercial Services are proceeding with planned closures of campus bars next academic year.

A leaked report entitled ‘Bar Closures – An update from the Students’ Union’ sets out the University’s plans to restrict Langwith, Alcuin and Wentworth bars’ opening hours to only two nights a week. JJ’s is set to open four nights a week, with only Derwent, Goodricke and Vanbrugh facing minimal or no changes to their opening

Anger at lack of ‘dialogue’

STUDENTS UNION Services officer, Nat-Thwaites McGowan’s assertion that “dialogue” established with the University was the ultimate success of the “Save our Bars” campaign has been contradicted by several college JCRC chairs who have complained that the Commercial Services have refused to consult with them.

Micky Macefield, the Vanbrugh Chair, accused the SU of “leading everybody to believe that closures were negotiable.”

Sides clash over AUT strike

PRESSURE IS mounting on the Association of University Teachers (AUT) and University and Colleges Employers Association’s (UCEA) to resolve the ongoing dispute involving University lecturers’ pay, which is threatening hundreds of students’ degrees in York, and thousands of undergraduates nationwide.

As final year graduation dates approach, the past fortnight has seen several attempts by external groups to solve the dispute through protests, meetings and discussions

NUS face continued opposition

THE NATIONAL UNION of Students is receiving renewed threats from Students’ Unions across the UK that they will withdraw from its support of the examinations boycott.

Students’ Unions, including those of Exeter and Bristol Universities, have threatened the NUS that they will withhold affiliation fees, which are critical to the financial support of the Union, if they continue to support the action being taken by AUT and NATHFE members

Lecturers face pay dock

THIRTY UNIVERSITIES across the UK are set to dock lecturers’ pay for refusal to set and mark examinations. Northumbria University…

Croker’s policy proposals cause concerns among Students’ Union Liberation Officers

SU President elect Rich Croker has been condemned by liberation officers, who threatened to resign if his plans to degrade their posts once he takes charge at the end of the present academic year were implemented.

Croker has said “I believe there is no need for a LGBT nor Women’s Officer” within the Executive; the committee which controls the day-to-day running of the Union

It’s not easy being green

No one could accuse James Strawbridge of being a typical student. Alongside completing his History degree at York, he has been heavily occupied with his family’s BBC televised project “It’s Not Easy Being Green” which has involved, among other things, producing diesel out of chip fat, slaughtering pigs with his bare hands, and being propositioned by older women via email

York leads technological advance

York University has been awarded part of a £5.3 million grant to fund research into the next generation of electronic gadgets.

York, one of several universities, including Glasgow Edinburgh, Manchester, and Southampton, to be part of the scheme will be developing ways in which gadgets of the future such as mobile phones and mp3 players can be smaller, smarter and more powerful