Window broken by ‘local chavs’

A house of students living in Tang Hall have had bricks thrown through
their window by suspected “local chavs”

The incident happened two weeks ago in the early hours of Sunday morning.
“We were all in bed when we heard a massive crash from downstairs. We
thought it was a burglary,” explained Kate Smith, one of the occupants.

Nothing was taken, however. The assailants, who the Police suggested were
returning from a night out in York, had bolted after lobbing one brick
through the kitchen window and another two through the double-glazing in
the utility room.

Kate and her three housemates, all second year students at the University,
called 999 immediately but were less than happy with the response.

“The police did send a lot of officers around but after asking us some
questions they just wandered about the streets as if they were hoping to
find someone with glass on hands,” she said. “It was very scary. The
following night we had a bin bag for a window. I was terrified we’d be
burgled by an opportunist.”

It is not the first time that the housemates have had trouble. They have
previously had Coca Cola poured through their letterbox.

“We were quite lax about security before because we don’t really have
anything to nick, but now we’ve become a lot more careful about locking