Evil Eye Lounge, 42 Stonegate

Most people would associate the Evil Eye lounge with cocktails – lots and lots of cocktails. I didn’t know that the Evil Eye also did food, in this case, the ‘Monster Sunday Lunch’. The food was excellent – all home cooked, even the deformed and oh-so-tasty Yorkshire puds. There is a lot of range in terms of veg as well: broccoli, roast parsnips, carrots, red cabbage, white cabbage, roast and boiled potatoes as well as home made stuffing.

There are four meat options: beef, lamb, pork and vegetable. I have been informed that the lamb isn’t as nice as the other three options, but the beef was excellent, not fatty or gristly, and of a decent size (three slices). For six pounds this is a very good value – I may be tempted by the child’s portion next time. There is a ‘Monster’ sized portion as well, and I pity anyone who attempts it.

There is supposed to be live music playing during the Sunday lunch period (12-6pm), although I couldn’t see where. We didn’t have any problems getting a table either, which is a usual issue in the evenings. The only thing that put me off is that the kitchen seems to be right next to the communal toilets on the top floor, but I guarantee it didn’t reflect in the taste!

Reviewed by N. Luke Abraham