enjoy, 10 Feasegate

I was in desperate need of shelter and a warm drink when I stumbled upon enjoy coffee shop on Feasegate, and thankfully it did a good job of providing both. The upstairs and downstairs seating areas were completely empty, but I was told that the apparent lull in trade was due to the miserable weather. After experiencing the food and friendly service at enjoy, I can only imagine that it was the snow that was keeping people away.

The waitress came to my table to take my order, something that I found refreshingly different from the queue-at-the-counter culture that has taken over so many cafes nowadays. I ordered my usual hot chocolate and cake combination, which arrived within minutes. The triple layered hot chocolate with cream, frothy milk and rich chocolate syrup at the bottom of the glass was quite a novelty to me, and came complete with marshmallows and a wafer. The generous slice of carrot cake was delicious, and just that tad different to what you normally expect.

At excellent prices to suit the student pocket and with a wide choice of sandwiches and light bites, enjoy coffee shop is somewhere I would definitely recommend – whatever the weather!

Reviewed by Clare Croskery