Have you exercised your democratic right recently during the YUSU elections? I thought not. Well, for those of you who bothered I’m sure the choice of president adequately represents your desires. Those of you who went to the trouble of trudging through the website just to spoil your ballots must be equally satisfied.

Oh no, you probably voted before Tuesday, when the button to submit your vote was deceptively labelled in such a manner as to suggest another penultimate stage of voting before submission. Well never mind, I’m sure those people who spoilt their ballots, possibly in this way, would have had no influence on a presidential election won by around 30 votes.
YUSU’s example of legitimate democratic behaviour does not stop there. Another technique involves JCRCs being told when to hold events. Even so I’m sure the new constitution allows for this anyway.

By the way, was I the only one who just realised yesterday that the Treasurer’s position has now been removed? I’m sure I voted for it online.

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