Enough of what our writers and editors have to say, we sent reporters to find out what York students think of today’s issues

1. Do you support the lecturers in their strike action?
2. How do you feel about campus bar closures?
3. Did you cast a vote in this years Students’ Union elections?
4. Do you think abstentions should count in the constitution ballot?

Name: Diane Propsting
College: Vanbrough
Course: History
Year: 2nd Year

1. Yes I think they deserve more money. Well some departments at least anyway!
2. It is really bad. Students should have a place to go. They haven’t given good enough reasons.
3. No. To be honest the fliers didn’t really help me understand. I think it needs better advertising.
4. If they want all students to get involved they should let every vote count.

Name: Liam Baker
College: Derwent
Course: Economics
Year: 1st Year

1. I don’t honestly think they get paid enough. I say give it to them, as long as money isn’t taken out of sports.
2. Well, it’s clearly detremental to college spirit so I’m not happy about it at all.
3. Yes I did. I really wanted Rich Croker to win. He is such legend, and has better hair than me!
4. I think they should count because they still show someone trying to make a point.

Name: Jenny English
College: Halifax
Course: Psychology
Year: 3rd Year

1. Obviously I want to graduate this year , but if they need to take action they need to take action I guess.
2. It’s not necessarily bad if some close at some times of the week. But all colleges should have a central meeting place.
3. Yes, although I do think the SU can appear very cliquey and this might put some people off.
4. No, and I think the way the SU decided was the right thing to do.

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