Thespian has the Last Word

At the risk of being accused of having a thespian tantrum, I am writing in response to last issue’s ‘Blag Your Degree’ column: Writing and Performance. In a self important piece journalistic snideness worthy of York Vision, the writer proceeded to air his/her badly spelt, factually incorrect venom in such a way that this usually witty article was completely undermined.

I can only assume that the writer was consistently cast as the ‘Third Shepherd’ in the school nativity play and has since harboured an envious hatred for the talented. Firstly, Writing and Performance is not ‘actually a degree’ as is, it is available and a joint honours BA course alongside English Literature, with W&P modules approaching texts intended for performance from an analytic perspective. Non academic indeed.

Secondly, with over 600 applicants each year for 25 places, English/Writing and Performance is the most competitive Arts course in the country, including English at Oxbridge. Just ask the plethora of WAPpers on Nouse’s editorial team. As for being ‘capable of passing any Writing and Performance exam’ simply by watching Neighbours or owning Sky TV, well that’s just ridiculous. There are no exams in Writing and Performance.

Ben Wilcock
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