SU President Micky Armstrong

SU President Micky Armstrong, offers his congratulations to the election victors and looks forward to a year of stability.

The elections are over, the year of reform is coming to an end; with one term remaining and a president-elect in the wings we all look to the future. Now is the time for stability and some honest thinking, it is a time for action and a time for solidarity. Many officers have received abuse lately for the decision taken by our executive committee. This is wrong. At all times we have followed the rules laid out in our constitution, many are unhappy with the situation that has occurred, but now is the time to move forward. A decision has been made and we as a Union must move on to a more beneficial future.

We have had our elections and every candidate ran a successful campaign; due to the new system all were allowed to introduce their policies and debate them in an open forum, democracy was more open and accessible than ever before. We saw the largest turn-out in elections that we have ever had and a fantastic contest for my job. Why? Because this year, more than any other, students understand their importance in the running of our Union. More UGM decisions have been made than ever before, the year of reform is continuing but as many have said, next year is (and should be) a year of stability. Now is the time to consolidate the large and much needed changes that have been made. Now is the time to move forward. Now is the time to work together for the benefit of our membership.

For almost every column I have written for Nouse I have pushed for the student body to get more involved in the running of our Union. We have come to this point. Now, more than ever, students are having their say, using our Union to do what they want to do. Look at our bar campaign, more students are involved in that than any campaign in my memory. That’s my point, if we get involved and work together we can have an effect. It’s up to all of us, if we don’t make our say we cannot be heard.

Congratulations to all successful candidates and let us now move forward in the most successful Union York has ever had. I look forward to handing over to Rich Croker in a terms time, and I wish him and his new team all the best in their year in office with huge potential.

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