March 2006

Print Edition: 14th March 2006

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Presidential result called into doubt after 20% of votes declared invalid

The SU Election results could face being invalidated after concerns were raised by students regarding the number of spoilt ballots following the introduction of the new E-voting system. This comes days after Rich Croker was named York University Students’ Union President 2006/07

Students’ degrees are threatened by assessment boycott

Finalist students remain in doubt as to whether they will graduate this year, as the University announced last week that no plans are currently in place to deal with the pending assessment marking crisis following the lecturers’ strike

Fairfax House attack ‘deliberate’

A recent fire at Fairfax House in the early hours is being treated as an arson attempt. The incident, which occurred at 3.30am on the 3rd of March, has raised concerns about student safety which have led to one student leaving the University

Bar closures look set to continue

The university still look set to close campus bars next term, despite one of the biggest campaigns in the Students’ Union’s history.

During the past week, students have been urged to “use it, or lose it” and flood campus bars in reaction to the university’s plans to drastically reduce opening hours

‘Save the Bars’ campaign tainted by growing disunity

A united front on campus for the ‘Save the Bars’ campaign has been compromised by SU plans to take control of events away from colleges.

The SU announced in last week’s Executive Committee meeting that they would assume control of when and where events would take place, a decision which is usually made by college committees

Row over accommodation for international students

Recent cuts in University accommodation has ignited controversy on campus over the prioritisation of international students in room allocation.

At an SU Executive meeting, Lucy Wickham and Micky Masefield, Langwith and Vanbrugh JCRC Chairs, expressed disapproval about the current policy of prioritisation in the light of current room shortages

Sabbatical team starts to take shape

With the new posts of Student Development and Charities and Societies Communications officer yet to be announced, next year’s sabbatical team has begun to be assembled.

Rich Croker will be joined by Amy Woods as Services Officer after she overwhelmingly won by 200 votes over Matt Wareham, her closest rival. Woods, who came out as the victor in the exit polls, ran on a campaign claiming to be “the most experienced candidate to take the Union forward,” and the voters responded well to her promises to provide a campus takeaway service, named YOUR:FOOD, as well as continuing the fight for a central venue in Heslington East and a relaunched Freshers’ Fortnight

Election night 2006: tantrums and tears

The election night special Club D ended in traditional fashion, with the strains of “We love you Derwent” still ringing. However, this time the partisan home crowd had more to celebrate than usual, as they welcomed the ascension of their former JCR chair, Rich Croker, to the position of SU President elect

“I don’t like politics, to put it into the SU is wrong”

“Guys, guys, guys. I just fucking love this fucking university. Get in!” screamed Rich Croker to a jubilant Derwent home crowd on Friday night, as he overcame Colin Hindson to be named as York Students’ Union President 2006/07

Constitution passed on false pretences

The Students’ Union have admitted that they misrepresented advice from experts when passing the new constitution in an Executive Committee meeting last week.

The Committee had to decide whether abstentions from a UGM held in the previous week should be counted towards the vote, which would determine if the proposed constitution had passed

Services Officer apologises as Nazi gaffe on Ask YUSU leads to outrage among students

A recent statement by the SU Services Officer, Nat Thwaites McGowan, has caused outrage among Jewish students at the University. The statement, which implied that the people persecuted by the Nazi regime were “stupid,” has been described as “disgusting” by a representative for the University of York Jewish Society