AU Edge: With AU President Nik Engineer

Whilst last week saw York beat York St. John 54 – 15 in the second annual varsity competition, the tremendous win represents only one of a number of significant achievements, both on and off the field, for our clubs and the Athletic Union as a whole in recent weeks.

In terms of this seasons competitions, whilst some of our teams have been relegated, others have excelled, and in this respect the year is no different from others. Our shared rugby league team with York St. John have won their league and will compete in the Northern National league next season, our men’s basketball team are through to the BUSA national championships, as well as facing a play-off for promotion into the Premier League, our men’s hockey 2nd team have won their league and now move on to compete in the BUSA Plate knock-out competition, women’s squash move to the Trophy knock-out competition, as do both men’s table tennis and men’s volleyball.

On an individual level, special mention must go to Etienne Dumenil who came through four rounds of qualifying to win a place in the main BUSA tennis championship draw where he narrowly lost to the number four seed. This achievement puts him securely in the top 32 student tennis players in the country, and it should be noted that the eventual winner is currently ITF ranked as the 950th best in the world (I assure you this is very good), so the quality of the tournament cannot be doubted. Tom Dugmore also achieved a fantastic result in the BUSA national atemi Jitsu competition becoming the BUSA national champion in the light-blue category and leading York to 3rd place overall.

Other more recent events include the Futsal club’s PWC York University Futsal Open this weekend, that as well as attracting teams from all over the UK, boasted the current national champions, and the lacrosse club winning the Anglo-Scottish Lacrosse tournament in Newcastle where they were expected to be one of the weaker teams present (beating Durham, Leeds, and Edinburgh on the way). With the regular season finished, the next few months see countless individual and team championships take place, and so the impressive list of achievements for the Athletic Union, its clubs, and its members is sure to grow.