February 2006

Varsity Photos

Varsity photos from the womens and mens basketball, netball 1sts and rugby can now be found on the Nouse photo gallery.

Adam Roney (President of the University of York Boat Club) also has photos from the rowing on his website

Belle & Sebastian – The Life Pursuit

The quintessential happy-indie band, Belle and Sebastian, return with another album that is everything that can be expected from them. Stuart Murdoch’s vocals are sugar coated and sweet as ever, and every tune paints a refreshingly/incessantly (delete as appropriate) cheery picture of those sunny days Glasgow is renowned for. Even the monochrome cover photos remain, unfortunately minus the very hot catastrophe waitress of their former album

Regina Spektor – Mary Ann Meets the Grave Diggers and Other Short Stories

The idea itself isn’t revolutionary. Admittedly, a folky female singer-songwriter isn’t an unheard-of thing. The catch is finding one who is neither overproduced, artificially morose, flowery-skirt-wearing nor, well, a bit bland. Regina Spektor – a Russian brought up in the US, a classically trained pianist with a love of jazz – is anything but bland. Her sound is a winning fusion of lively and captivating melodies, dreamlike, quizzical lyrics, spiralling vortexes of Dresden Dolls-esque pianos, and a voice as forceful and versatile as Joanna Newsom’s

Print Edition: 21st February 2006

Interactive version of this edition coming soon… You can also download the complete edition as a PDF file (75.6MB)

Unexpected room shortage leaves undergraduates stranded off campus

Over 500 students will be left struggling to find accomodation as the result of a campus room shortage. A secret report that concluded that third years don’t want to move back onto campus is believed to have influenced University policy to cut the number of rooms available.

The leaked report, which was compiled from a survey of students on accommodation, states that third years “tend to stay” in private accommodation and indicates a “growing preference not to rent from the University”.

Fire in Derwent exposes safety fears

Student safety has been questioned following the discovery that Derwent College fire equipment is three years out of date. The discovery came after a fire broke out in C Block last week.

Despite the requirement by law that university fire safety equipment must be serviced annually, it has been revealed that two extinguishers in C-Block have not been checked since September 2003

James student suffers ecstasy pill overdose

A James student was admitted to hospital in a “parlous state” after taking an ecstasy tablet.

The undergraduate, who cannot be named, was found on the night of Tuesday 24th January “in a confused and disoriented state, unable to walk and though conscious, clearly very ill”, according to James Provost Ken Todd

York Graduate Neil Entwistle denies double murder after extradition to US

York graduate Neil Entwistle has pleaded not guilty to charges of murdering his wife and baby after being extradited to America.

He appeared in a Massachusetts court on Thursday 16th February where he is being held without bail until a second hearing in March

Court case descends on sleepy Hopkinton

The small Massachusetts town of Hopkinton is a predominantly middle-class town. Its population is just over 14,000, the average age of which is 36. The average household income equates to just over £51,000 and to buy one of said houses will set you back a cool £180,000. The employed among the town’s population invariably works locally or commutes to nearby Boston

“Vote No” campaign derails SU constitution

A new constitution is being submitted to the Union General Meeting this week by two members of Women’s Committee following the rejection of the original YUSU proposal by the student body

Application rates fall due to tuition fees introduction

APPLICATIONS FOR the University of York have fallen by nearly 5% for the 06/07 year. This comes after, it was announced last week that as the national application rates have decreased in response to the newly introduced “top up” fees

How will the new smoking law affect us?

HEALTH SECRETARY, Patricia Hewitt called it a moment, which “is going to save thousands of peoples lives”. She was referring to the vote made last Tuesday which saw MP’s from all three main political parties voting unanimously on a full smoking ban across public places in England. With changes coming after growing fears of the effects of second-hand smoke