Scam sites link with student house

Two websites, apparently run by Neil Entwistle, which operate in the sale of pornographic domains, have been linked with a student house in York.

Entwistle, the York graduate who remains a “person of interest” in the murder case of his wife and daughter, appears to have had two websites and registered in his name at 10 Heslington Road, an address only minutes from the University of York.

The websites are among those being investigated by American authorities. The domain was also registered to the same address, under the name Mark Smith.

Police have revealed that they are investigating the possibility of a vendetta against the Entwistle family as a result of the various internet businesses. A related Ebay account, under the user name SRPublications, had been the recipient of various threatening emails in the past.

One comment, now taken off the internet auction site, read “Rachel Entwistle is a thieving liar”. Other comments warned users off buying the products, which included expensive software and guides on internet businesses, again involving pornography, after claiming that they weren’t received. Many comments hae now been removed.

10 Heslington Road is currently occupied by students at the University, who have rented the house as tenants. The landlord of the property was contacted but was unavailable for comment, and it has not been confirmed whether Neil Entwistle was ever a tenant at the address while he was a student at York University. However it is believed that he never was the owner of the house.

The investigations were started after questions were asked on how the Entwistles could afford to pay £1,534 rent on their detached house in Massachusetts. It was revealed that neither had employment, with Neil Entwistlen not having held a job for five months.

There has been speculation that the internet businesses financed their apparently lavish lifestyle, although it is not known whether Rachel Entwistle was aware of the schemes despite being named in relation to the Ebay sales.

One neighbour of the family said “What were they doing for money to pay the rent and why had they only just moved to that house – were they running away from something?” Another neighbours said “You do wonder if someone else came to the house, someone Rachel and Neil knew, looking for revenge over a debt.”

Currently Neil Entwistle is in England, but has not been arrested by police as he is described by the authorities to be “not a suspect.” in the case. Police confirmed investigations will continue.