January 2006

Print Edition: 31st January 2006

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York graduate remains ‘person of interest’ in America double murder

A York graduate remains a “person of interest” in relation to the shooting of his wife and nine-month old baby.

The bodies of Rachel Entwistle, 27, who also spent two years studying at York University as an overseas student, and the couple’s baby daughter, Lillian, were found by US detectives in their family home in the small town of Hopkinton near Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday 22nd January

Constitutional dispute leads to resignation of SU Women’s Officers

GRACE FLETCHER HALL resigned from the post of YUSU Women’s Officer on Wednesday, in the midst of controversy over proposed changes to the SU constitution

University projects £3 million budget deficit

A PROJECTED shortfall in the University’s budget has led to concerns among students that an increased focus on commercial services will be detrimental to their welfare

U-turn by University staff as Vanbrugh protest over threatened laundry closure gathers speed

STUDENTS GATHERED outside Vanbrugh on Friday afternoon to demonstrate against an announcement by the Facilities Manager that their laundry would close on Monday. Later that day, the protesters were informed by the Campus Services Manager of a decision made that afternoon to keep the facility open

University dismiss threat of pending lecturer strikes

THE UNIVERSITY has played down fears of the proposed lecturer strikes schelduled for later in the academic year

Raising awareness on campus

How to keep your drink safe at night club events on campus

As drink safety concerns grow on campus, Nouse is supporting YUSU’s drink awareness campaign

YUSU respond to drink spiking fears with awareness campaign

Recent survey shows 80 per cent of York students are not aware of campus drink safety concerns

A RECENT Nouse poll reveals that 80% of students at York University feel that they are not in danger of having their drink spiked at campus events with only half admitting to looking after their drinks

Drink spiking hits Derwent

ANOTHER undergraduate student has allegedly had her drink-spiked at Club D in the first week of term, following a similar event at the same place in December last year

Scam sites link with student house

Two websites, apparently run by Neil Entwistle, which operate in the sale of pornographic domains, have been linked with a student house in York

Campus focus of media attention

York campus found itself the centre of international media attention after the murder of a graduate was revealed

Car thefts lead to security concerns

A recent outbreak of car break-ins on campus has lead to fears of car safety among students and staff at the University