December 2005

International students target of fraud

SEVERAL international students have been defrauded of substantial sums of money this term with up to £15,000 being taken in each incident by someone who is also thought to be a student at the University

Derwent fire poses threat to life in the early hours

A FIRE BROKE out in Derwent during the early hours of Tuesday morning, causing “severe” damage to a kitchen in B Block.

The fire was discovered by a Derwent Porter, who “fought the fire bravely”, at around 2am

E-Voting fails to catch student imagination

THE STUDENTS’ UNION have suffered early problems with their new online voting system, with eight of the first nine UGM proposals not reaching the quoracy

All change as colleges announce new JCRCs

THIS YEAR’s NEWLY elected JCRC Chairs come to their positions in the new year with a fresh range of ideas and approaches.

Langwith Chair Lucy Wickham’s unusual proposal was “not to promise anything”, on the basis that if she included no policies in her manifesto, everything she did achieve would be “a bonus”

SU officers harrassed by anonymous students through ‘Ask YUSU’ website

THE ‘ASK YUSU’ facility on the SU website is being used to harass SU Officials, the Union’s Executive Committee heard last month.

Micky Armstrong, the SU President, told the committee that the some of the questions being asked were “ridiculous” and amounted to “personal harassment”

Canvassing around Campus

POLITICS STUDENT AND one of the new Goodricke Ents Representatives, Andreas Masura ran a Make Rubbish Events History campaign during the recent JCRC elections

Chemistry robberies spark security fears over key card doors

SECURITY SERVICES ARE reported to be concerned that campus key cards may be in the possession of non-students after thefts in the Chemistry department

Students’ fines fund key library resources

THE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY made almost £70,000 in fines from students, staff and borrowers last year, but despite promises from the Student Union Ed Campaigns Officers, the University still doesn’t have a 24-hour library service.

According to Elizabeth Heaps, Head Librarian of J.B Morrell library, library fines raised £67,764 last year, and that as part of the library’s earnings are “not linked to anything specific” but generally used as funds for library resources

Arrest in Halifax burglary case

A SUSPECT HAS been arrested in connection with the robbery of three Halifax residents last week.

The crimes were committed in quick succession during Thursday and Friday in houses J, G and F of Lindley Court Halifax College.

The total value of the items stolen, which include a wallet containing £40 cash, a purse and mobile phone, was estimated at close to £300

York University Challenge team fall at first hurdle

YORK UNIVERSITY PUT up a brave performance, losing against stiff opposition in the form of Cambridge’s Churchill college in a recently televised University Challenge broadcast.

The team made up of Olly Chadwick, Jenni Southern, David Hopkins and Peter Cabrera went out in the first round play-offs losing 170 points to 120 against Churchill college which Olly described as “crazy insane nerds”

Student Union offers subsidised Christmas dinner to employees

THE REVELATION THAT the Students’ Union staff Christmas dinner is to be subsidized has ignited controversy as normal York students are made to pay for their Christmas balls.

YUSU will pay a large part of the £18.95 a head bill for Christmas dinner at the Judges Lodgings

Inauguration ceremony for first black Archbishop hijacked by BNP extremists

RIGHT- WING EXTREMISTS have overshadowed the appointment of the new Archbishop of York, Ugandan born Dr John Sentamu, by announcing plans to stand for York City Council.

The inauguration, at the end of last month, of the new archbishop broke conservative church tradition, featuring leopard skin clad dancers and a cruise into York to wave to members of his new diocese