October 2005

Is this the university you applied for?

Having read the prospectus, chosen York and got the grades, the next generation of students have finally made it onto campus. But will the University live up to all their expectations? Lauren Carter reveals the truth behind the prospectus’ glossy pages, where descriptions don’t quite match the reality

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

The scientific briefing with Luke Boulter

In the last decade very few natural occurrences have shaken the world in the way Hurricane Katrina has. In a matter of hours it reduced an affluent and popular city to nothing more than a quivering shanty town. We saw first hand the power of nature and the panic it can instil even in the wealthiest of countries

Affordable fashions for the autumn season

There was a time when fashion meant expensive. Now it seems it’s all about how little you can spend. With the rise of Primark, Topshop and even supermarkets getting in on the bargain catwalk trends, it seems that a day has dawned where us mere mortals can emulate the catwalk without the need of an aging sugar daddy

Anything but Idle

In the depths of London’s west end, Chris Spillane has a drink with Scottish Indie rockers, Idlewild, to discuss the band’s flirtations with the charts, student lifestyle, and the Big Apple

The recent crop of chart hits and pop success can be catogerized into one of three musical infections (barring the crazy frog whose creator should be extradited for hate crimes against humanity). The first of these is a seasonal problem known as Rip-offs Maximus: Whereby victims strap on their Fender Telecasters and play angular riffs until another trend sets in

Origins of a student lifeline

Toby Green talks to Nick Woodward-Smith, one of the founders of Nightline, the confidential listening service that has been running for nearly 35 years

In 1972 two York University undergraduates spotted a problem with their University. Students had somewhere to drink, they had somewhere to study and they had somewhere to hone their journalistic skills (yes, Nouse was around even back then)

There’s nowt as queer as folk

When I was asked to write the column for Nouse and take the helm from the venerable Mister Robbie Dale, I was full of ideas about what I wanted to talk about. And, if I’m being honest, I hope that I still do or otherwise these are going to get very dull by the time of Easter

Inside the wardrobe of a student style icon: The art of a jumper

Before I use this mini-column to talk about the price of cheese or the purposeless of wasps (if any biology students can tell me what the point of wasps are, other than ruining summer, I’ll be very grateful), I thought it best to just explain my picture

Uncovering the freshers myths

The best week of your life? The wildest 7 days known to man? Becky Mitchell dispels the hyperbole and reveals the sensible way to approach fresher’s week whilst retaining your dignity

Freshers week has become one of the most notorious events of a student’s life. A week synonymous with drink, fun, irresponsibility and, if you’re lucky, sex

Crash and burn on freshers week: the alternative guide for students

Fresher guides are meant to be a helpful, informative, step by step guide on how to survive freshers week; a week regarded by many as the most important week of our lives. Yet these days the guides can be so presumptive. They simply assume that you actually want to make friends when you arrive at University and inevitably they are almost always so biased towards the emotionally stable

Which block have you got?

College life is a complex business. Colleges not only dictate which choice of hoody you’ll buy from Your Shop, but they will also dictate the type and state of accommodation you’ll be enjoying, or perhaps not enjoying, living in for the next year

How to spot the student stereotypes in your college

Without their own porters or a bar, they will be found improvising with their JCR ‘beach hut’. Parties, swimming and goose attacks inevitably follow this rowdy lot

A City Social Scene

For any freshers that manage to venture off the campus this week, Kate McClellan gives her advice on the top places to go out in York and reveals the good, the bad, and the downright ugly venues on offer

If you’ve been to as many campus events as you can handle, it’s time to sample the delights of York city centre. Whilst you may not be spoilt for choice in the clubs department there are plenty of bars and pubs that can offer great nights out without stretching the already dwindling funds of a post-freshers week first year