Robbie Dale: Worship the domestic goddess within

OK, it’s time to own up – who can’t make their own bed yet? Ok, and who is still at a loss to understand how the washing machine works? Fine, fine… and who still can’t cook? I thought you were doing a PhD? You are?! And you still can’t cook?

No… Pot Noodles don’t count. I’m nearing the end of my third year here at York, and it still never fails to amaze me how useless some people are. This was brought to my attention most recently when I was round at a friend’s house and one of their flat mates asked the immortal question: “how do you fry an egg?” Now, I wouldn’t normally knock someone for lacking certain skills, or even for lacking knowledge on the most basic of subjects, but I’m sure you’d have been on my side when, after half-choking on a stifled laugh, I told him you fry an egg the same way you fry anything else and achieved the blank look I was after. It just makes me wonder sometimes, how many blokes are in Toff’s of a Tuesday nervous that if they pull, the girl will invite herself back to his place, because as it’s nearing the end of term, it has been ten weeks since Mum washed the sheets…

At least (in some vague sense) all is ok while you’re still at University. We’re even encouraged to embrace the student stereotype and this, of course, means being as domestically backwards as possible. But what of the real world? A third of all Undergraduates are about to head off into real jobs, in real places with real houses to look after; let’s hope a degree from York is enough to secure the kind of salary that brings with it a maid.