The Juice Place, The Shambles

Are you sick of Pizzas and greasy Takeaways? Probably not! But if you are like me, and somehow strangely crave fruit and vegetables, the Juice Place can provide an easy option to your healthy eating conundrums. This juice emporium is hidden away in the Shambles, it offers over forty delicious Juices and Smoothies, from immune boosters to hangover cures and is perfect for those in need of post-exam invigoration.

Please don’t be afraid to try the strange blends of Juices and Smoothies on offer, although I have to say the prospects of apple and spinach, and even beetroot, pear and cucumber can be quite daunting! But if that’s just too much fruit to handle in one day, you should try a student favourite; the smoothie. They contain no additives, and come in delicious combinations such as raspberry, banana, apple and yogurt. All drinks come in 3 sizes and the regular is very reasonable at only £2.30.

The drinks come in very trendy take-out cups – you can rival Star Bucks any day, safe in the knowing you are slurping healthy goodness. Whilst there I was persuaded into trying a shot of wheat grass, I knocked it back as if it were a shot of Sambuca, however I’m sure the Wheat grass is far more beneficial for my general well being, as it contains the equivalent of 1kg of fruit and vegetables.

The benefits of wheat grass are endless, it boosts the immune system, helps repair sports injuries and if you, along with most students, feel queasy at the very sight of sprouts and broccoli, this is a great way of avoiding actually having to eat something ‘good for you’, for just £1.95.

The Juice Place doesn’t just sell drinks; they also have home made jams, salads, quiches and a wide selection of fair trade products on offer.

You may be thinking this all sounds terribly new age, but I really can’t stress enough the benefits of these healthy innovations. Not only do they take the effort out of getting your recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables, but they give you a natural high without the killer hangover! The Juice Place are also considering offering students a ten per cent discount…

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