Star Letter: SU’s campaign is a step too far

I’m sure I speak for everyone (apart from possibly all those who that think good government is a police state), when I say that I’m immensely glad that the idiotic plan from the SU to go into people’s rooms when they leave their door open, is finally dead and buried.

Now I’m not against the principles behind it. I don’t want any of my property stolen and neither does anyone else, but invasion of privacy doesn’t seem to be the best way to get the idea across. All the points have obviously already been made against it; law suits, illicit finds, and the fact that those stickers leave a nasty residue all over the laptop they’ve just been placed on, so I’m not going to list them again. But it just seems to me that seeing as their principle is to be there to support the students, interference of this sort may be over-stepping their bounds. They obviously mean well, and John Rose is clearly just looking out for the well being of the students. But as we are a top ten uni in this country you’d hope the students would be able to reason to a level where they realise what’s best for themselves without the parental guidance the SU’s welfare officers seem to be providing. Are we really that stupid that we need to be told all the time what’s good for us? And I’d hope that if someone on my corridor saw a strange person walk into my room then they’d go and knock and check it was ok, or ask someone else to help them. There is such a thing as a student community and looking out for each other is one part of the role that community plays.

And lastly I’d probably say that the fuss made over the whole campaign was probably enough to make people aware of the issues involved and lock their rooms more often. So if the welfare officers had just targeted their campaign more carefully, maybe in the student newspapers or used posters and the like they probably could have got the same effect without having to go through the whole argument about the legality and principle of the issue in the first place.

I’m all for the SU providing services, but I came to uni to get away from my parents, I don’t need a new set while I’m up here.

Tom Cullum

Vanbrugh College

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