Sports day victory for Goodricke not enough as Langwith take title

It was a damp, miserable day to be competing in the penultimate event of the college sporting calendar, but for Goodricke it seemed perfect. The team who dominated York University’s college sport scene between 1997 and 2002 were giving current leaders Langwith serious cause for concern as they finished 18.5 points ahead of them on Wednesday. Yet the consistency displayed by Langwith, and their convincing lead they had built throughout the year was enough to see them clinch their first ever college sport title over the weekend.

For Goodricke it must have felt like quite an achievement to finish second in the final standings, after what could only be described as a mediocre few years by their standards. After finishing in mid-table obscurity in 2003/04, and being in a similar position for the first two terms this year, to finish only 14.5 points off the winners was an extraordinary feat. They must now look to carry forward this momentum in the winter months of the 2005/06 season.

As for third place Derwent, they may not be as content with their final position. At around the half-way stage of this marathon competition they were just three points adrift of leaders Langwith. However, their disappointing final term was made up for by an impressive performance on sports day, leaving them with the bronze and a feeling of needing to do better next time round.

Shock 2003/04 winners Vanbrugh were unable to produce the same heroics which saw them steal the title from Langwith on the final day last year, and it does now seem that the new holders did have the last laugh. Vanbrugh were steady throughout the three terms, with there never really being a worry of being sucked into the lower end of the table and never a sign of confidence in their ability to push for victory either.

The award for the most disappointing performance of the year must go to Halifax. They were touted as obvious favourites for this year’s competition due to their size in comparison to other colleges. Yet despite a decent mid-season their final term was shambolic, and as they came ahead of only Alcuin on Sports Day their reps have plenty to ponder over the summer months if they are to mount any serious challenge next year.

To wrap up the final standings were the two newest colleges, James and Alcuin, who were stuck fighting for the wooden-spoon throughout the season. They must be giving credit for still competing successfully in several sports though, despite their small size.

The final standings:

1. Langwith 247
2. Goodricke 232.5
3. Derwent 230
4. Vanbrugh 206.5
5. Halifax 177.5
6. James 145.5
7. Alcuin 117.5