Halifax students cautioned after killing protected campus wildlife

A GROUP of Halifax students have been cautioned by the ir College Dean after it emerged that they had been killing protected wildlife for elaborate feasts in their campus accommodation.

The first years were discovered last Wednesday by the Dean, Carl Thompson, skinning a rabbit in front of a bemused crowd in St. Lawrence Court. Onlookers revealed that the students, all residents of House Q, were notorious for their culinary skills, having killed and plucked a pheasant in the previous week. One neighbour commented: “this is typical of that house, they’re always getting into trouble.”

Elise Raffray from House R defended her neighbours’ antics: “All I know was it smelt really good and there isn’t much else to comment on. They didn’t do anything wrong; not University-wise anyway.”

The University, however, prohibit students from killing campus wildlife, which includes the first year’s delicacies of rabbits and pheasants. Thompson also raised his concerns that the animals had been shot, and reiterated to those involved that air rifles and BB guns were banned from campus accommodation.

The students had previously boasted to nouse reporters of how they’d shot the rabbit using a BB gun in the Halifax grounds. However, Ryan Carter, who took responsibility for the group, vehemently denied shooting the animals when the Dean arrived and told him that the rabbit they were in the process of skinning had been brought from a stranger in a pub.

Thompson expressed disbelief at the story, exclaiming: “Do you really think I believe that men still come into pubs and sell dead rabbits? Maybe fifty years ago, but not now. I’ve lived in York for ten years and I’ve never seen anything like that.”

The Dean decided not to search the students’ house for a weapon and left them with a warning. He also advised them to continue skinning their catch inside to prevent distressing passers-by.

The House Q residents have since revealed that they continued preparing the feast in their kitchen, and were highly impressed with the dish. Carter told nouse: “The rabbit went well with some potatoes and carrots in a stew.” He also remarked: “You should have seen the pheasant… red wine and shallots!”

Some students, however, have reacted angrily to House Q’s behaviour. One student has even reported the case to the RSPCA. The University have also been accused of letting the students off lightly; a former case of a student killing one of the campus ducks is reported to have resulted in their expulsion.

Chair of Halifax College, James Flinders, said “it is a worrying development and I will look into it. However, with these incidents, there’s not a lot the JCR can do. The College and University have the disciplinary procedures in place to deal with these cases.

“These are the actions of a very small minority of Halifax students. We’re not all gun-wielding animal killers!”

Thompson has confirmed that no further action will be taken

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