Enough of what our writers and editors have to say, we sent reporters to find out what York students think of today’s issues

1. Did you vote in the recent general election?
2. Is Heslington East benificial for York students?
3. Can you see how a student might turn to fraud because of debt?
4. Should we be able to print the name of a convicted SU Official?

Name: Samir Jeraj
College: Derwent
Course: History and Economics
Year: 2nd

1. Yes I did. I’ve already placed a vote at a polling station in the town centre.
2. It won’t effect me at all, I’ll have graduated by the time it is built. It’s unlikely that the students around when it is completed will be the University’s focus.
3. I think it’s unlikely.
4. Now that he’s been convicted and his court case has finished, yes, certainly.

Name: Pascal Costello
College: Goodricke
Course: History
Year: 2nd

1. I will vote later. The details of how to vote were not publicised clearly enough. I registered on the last day possible.
2. I doubt that it will be. They just want to make money and get more applications, not look after the students who live here already.
3. No. Sure, we get a hard deal, but you don’t have to get wasted every night or indulge in clothes shopping!
4. Absolutely.

Name: Jo Carter
College: Vanbrugh
Course: English Literature
Year: 1st

1. I voted by post, it was pretty easy.
2. It won’t be good for me because I’ll have graduated by then!
3. There are enough hardship grants and things for people to get money if they really need it. Fraud is pretty extreme, I can’t imagine defrauding someone rather than trying other routes.
4. Yes, I think that you should be allowed to print his name. It’s pretty ridiculous that someone elected into the SU should be so irresponsible as to commit assault.