Which ice?

Yes, the summer term is here and we see people on campus bravely ignoring the still frosty wind in their flip flops and ever increasingly revealing lecture-wear. This is the time of year to scorn the last throes of cold weather and entice the sun to come out to bring life to flowers and things, by eating the foodstuff which comes second best only to chocolate… Ice cream.

Thorntons, £1.40

At £1.40 these ice creams are not only the most pretentious, but close to being the cheapest! with several posh sounding flavours which one simply cannot resist, Thorntons is possibly the best place in York to eat ice cream! If you have not yet tasted the heaven that is the chocolate seville flavour, then you have not yet lived. You will never look back. The nice ladies behind the counter will aslo give you a free fudge stick (the exciting version of a flake), which will add that extra edge to your ice cream eating experience!

Millies, £1.50

Milly is no longer only the vendor of delicious cookies! She has also adpoted ice cream into her plentiful bosom, wih a little help from Baskin Robbins). With their famous 31 flavours, (allowing one flavour for every day of the month) you are certainly spoilt for choice. All are delicious, presented in those good old fashioned cones that brings back childhood images of the sea side donkey rides and sandcastles. Not quite as mouth watering as Thornton’s irresistable creme de la creme of ice creams, Millies still comes up trumps providing Yorkians with high quality dairy based delights.

Debbie’s, £1.40

Despite the the quaint interior of this vendor of ice creams and sugared mice the the ice creams Debbie’s has to offer are not up to scratch. The bizarly coloured cherry flavour ice leaves you feeling sick and giddy. This saccerine abomination is an offense to ice cream and the cardboard cone over which this purple gloop drips menacingly is not fit for consumption. Ice creams from this outlet, which poses as a friendly village shop, are passable at best and offensive at worst. Although the portions at Debbie’s are undeniably generous most of it will probably end up in the bin.

Carte D’ore, £2.49

If you’re a fan of vanila flavoured ice cream, but aren’t a fan of this eating out of doors malarchy, then Carte D’ore is the way to go. The best vanilla ice cream i’ve ever tasted, its got those vanilla pod things in it which everyone’s getting excited about nowadays. Creamy and smooth and actually tasting like it hasnt been made with about a million preservatives this is a league apart from the man in the ice cream van.