Star Letter – Web success

I want to add my whole-hearted support and say well done to your web team for getting campus media back online.

As Web Editor for York Vision 2001-2002, I worked as part of a hard-working team to help get issues online. In 2002 we won Best Student Website in the Guardian Student Media awards – we won £500 for the paper, and were going to put the money towards replacing the hopelessly out-of-date server in the Vision office. The money disappeared into the Vision coffers and we’ve never saw a penny of it despite frequent requests. (Perhaps if they’d let us upgrade machines at the time they might not have had some of their recent catastophic problems with computers…)

When I left Vision to generally do more Uni work and go off on placement year, there was one Web Editor after me, but after that no-one took up the post. The site was left to go completely out of date – an issue hasn’t been put online for about a year now.

So I was delighted to find out you’re starting a nouse site with each issue online. I know it’s a lot of work and we never felt appreciated by Vision at the time, but it’s a really important part of a newspaper in this day in age. It’s also such a great way to find out what’s going on on campus when you’re away from York.

Good luck with the site in the future & keep up the good work!

Laura Pearson – Vision Web Editor, 2001-02