Single Honours

Due to the unprecedented Sunday sunshine, fewer people than usual turned up to sample the latest selection of singular delights (there were three of us). However, this doesn’t seem to have affected the diversity of our collective opinion, as we all seemed to disagree on just about everything.

My Chemical Sunshine – I’m not Ok
Although clearly a piece of pop- punk, this song seemed to be labouring under the impression that it was actually emo. Jen insightfully wrote that the song is “about fame; not the life it seems”, whereas Kat was a bit more cryptic with “trying a little too hard but still”. Overall it was enjoyed, but as a chirpy summer tune, which can hardly be what MCR intended.

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc
Definitely a choon with a capital ‘CH’, this fuses De La Soul and Beck samples and quite simply, rocks. Funky was the word on everyone’s lips, and so we made it Single of the Week. It was the only thing we could all agree on.

Charlie Wilson Ft. Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg – Signs
Gorgeously upbeat track, which iTunes tells me has been played seventeen times since its purchase a week ago. Jen and Cat weren’t quite so enthusiastic, citing the Dogg’s dodgy rhyming as off putting, although “You’ll see Venus and Sere-na/ In the Wimbledon are-na” is clearly a point of comedy.

Hiding Place – What If
This is terribly self- indulgent complaint indie. Jen simply wrote “boring” (well, it looks like “boning”, but I don’t want to think about what that implies) and Kat scathingly declared that the best thing about it was the sleeve. However, she did ask if she could keep it, apparently for her friend…we’re not sure if we believe her.

Maximo Park – Graffiti
It bounced along pleasingly despite containing no real hook, at Kat was very impressed by their regional accents. The band is unlikely to stand out in a massive indie crowd, but this is decidedly sunshiney.

(Kat Boyd, Jenni Marsh and Kitty Fischer)