No one cares what you think (at least not in my opinion…)

Could someone tell me quite what the point of a blog is? As far as I can see, their purpose is to fly off and roost alongside campus Tory election candidates, in a land where hard work meets with no gain. But not only that, where one starts with the full knowledge that your work will be entirely fruitless. Bizarre.

For those of you not familiar with the modern ‘blogging’ craze, ‘blog’ is a condensed form of ‘web log’ and is essentially an online diary. published for public perusal.

Various blogs, accessible to people all over the world, are being kept up to date by people from all walks of life, people who feel that there must be someone out there who is interested in the enlightening nuggets of wisdom that they have to pass our way.

What is particularly odd though, is that these ‘bloggers’ seem to have falied to notice the fact that most people aren’t even that interested in what, for example, the Prime Minister has to say (except to whine about it, but then that’s usually reliant on a complete misunderstanding). Quite why anyone thinks that ‘Dave, 21 from Suburbia’ is going to tickle our intellect then, is quite simply baffling.

Now, you may be thinking that this is an odd rant to come from someone who is ultimately doing the same thing – and you know what – it is. But in my defence, I have been invited to do this, charmed and flattered into sharing my gift and rather than sitting on some impenetrable blog server somewhere, this is actually printed where at least my editor will read it. Also, you clearly have no sense of irony.

It strikes me that to spend so much time typing up your little grievances with the world is just a little pathetic; not to mention useless.

If you really have something to say, something worthwhile that the world needs to hear then I’m sorry, but your keyboard can’t help you. Getting out once in a while however, might.