Men’s crews take maximum points as rowers dominate

York’s rowers won four out of their six races on Sunday morning, capturing 14 out of the available 20 points to equal their record win in last year’s competition.

The Women’s senior 8s left Lancaster trailing by a length and a half in the first race of the day, with an aggressive coxing style and high stroke rate giving the home side an early lead which they never looked like losing. While the Women’s novice and senior 4s couldn’t keep up with their stronger opponents from across the Pennines, the Men’s crews comprehensively out-performed Lancaster in all their races, taking a maximum 10 points.

‘We beat them pretty easily – the Men’s 8s won by a good three lengths in the new boat bought by the Alumni fund’ said York Rowing President Chris Owen.

‘We were expecting to win, but we’re still really pleased with the way things turned out today, especially as there was lots of support from the home crowd. There were spectators on all the bridges, cycling along next to us and generally getting drunk and having fun,’ he added.

There have been suggestions that in 2007 the races could take place in a prime location between bridges in the city, boosting support and interest in the Roses event.

Rowing has consistently been one of York’s strongest sports, with last year’s squad losing only two races.

Robert Michaels – Sports correspondent