Looking for Mr. Nobody, Sue Rann

Looking for Mr Nobody. Doesn’t seem right does it? I thought every girl was looking for Mr. Right. Looking for Mr Nobody is about Robin Carlson, an American girl in Amsterdam with a flair for self-defence and hand-guns, whose friend comes to her for help when he finds himself too deep in an investigation he shouldn’t have ever been involved in.

Jan Wolf is the guy everyone’s searching for, a homeless man with a fairly vague past in the midst of all the action; but he doesn’t want to be found. The storyline behind it all is dark and disturbing, and raises questions about everything you thought you knew regarding scientific research.

Sue Rann writes in a distinctive style; in the sections that trace Robin’s story she writes in first person, conversely when she writes about Wolf it is in third person. Throughout the book this makes for an interesting change in perspective but the first time it happens it’s very disconcerting.

The book is extremely descriptive, everything from the characters’ living conditions, to scarily graphic effects of a new wonder drug tested on humans, is described in eerie detail. A book for a person with time on their hands.

No Exit Press

Nadine Cotton