Logh, Sunset Paranoia

Logh are back. Nordic emo at its finest, set to reinvent the wheel of Scandinavian rock. Building on the fine foundations laid by Benny and Bjorn, Logh have taken the twinkles of Abba and dusted them across a leathery black sky. These rock-a-byes of misery spread wide, reaching into dark corners of teen angst and light the flame of Euro-pop rebellion.

The album title already triggered the ‘Emo-Poet’ alarm, but even wailing sirens couldn’t divert you from noticing this album has an identity crisis; Coldplay sound-scapes raped by Gothic lyrics and pink-techno artwork that would have Kylie spinning around at G.A.Y for weeks, it‘s hard to get a handle on what Logh are aiming for, and the music suffers as a consequence..

The lyrics are unusual and paint some vivid images. ‘Fell into a Well’ outlines the pitfalls of rural areas lacking modern plumbing systems and as Friberg reveals ‘death lies in my teacher’s bed’ a new sympathy is found for those stuck in the short days and bad weather of northern Europe. Unfortunately, the music is humdrum and the vocals are bland throughout. Every track starts with good intentions, yet it then disappointingly chooses to fade out rather rock on.

(Jenny Marsh)