Franke & Bennie’s, Clifton Moore

For a unique dining experience, Frankie and Bennie’s is in a league of it’s own, transporting you back to 1950’s New York. The decor and ambience is reminiscent of a 1980’s Martin Scorsese flick. Think Goodfellas, red and white checked table cloths and photographs of flat nosed Italian types adorning the walls. Coupled with Dean Martin and ol’ blue eyes playing in the background, the scene is set for a experience to remember before you’ve even ordered.

The menu offers a variety of Traditional New York style fayre, big steaks, pork ribs, pizza, and a collection of other cliche’d dishes, thought don’t let you put this off. Although, if it’s your birthday, there’s no hiding from the shame of having “happy birthday random woman” sang to you by an entire restaurant of people who don’t know your name, as one old lady found out.

The desert selection is amazing! A must try is the delicious cheesecake, with the the lemon merangue tart and apple pie following behind with huge portions. These make up for the slightly undersized, yet fantastic main dishes. My eating companion – a 15 stone bear of a man – was left wanting a second helping of dessert. I, however, made him take me to the cinema instead. For a restaurant that meets all the 1950’s American cliche’s, go to Frankie and Bennie’s, you won’t be dissapointed.

(Raul Sellez)