Dyke huffs and puffs, but goes the distance in five-a-side game

As students from York and Lancaster got the historic Roses competition underway, there was chance for an old face to compete again after an absence of over thirty years. York Chancellor Greg Dyke participated in a 5-a-side tournament, and described how it was ‘terrifying to be back! I had to re-write my own press release to make it clear that the game shouldn’t be taken too seriously.’ Instead Dyke requested oxygen cylinders and the St. Johns Ambulance service to be present in his typically light-hearted manner.

‘I think it must have been 1972 when I last played at Roses, back in the days when everyone had ridiculously long hair and big splifs,’ he joked. His hair might have thinned a bit since those days, but Dyke showed how he hadn’t lost his edge too much with some tenacious displays that saw his team ‘Showtime’ come second.