Cafe Veranda, Micklegate

Located next to in its prime position by the river and wedged between the popular nightspots of Micklegate and Argos, Cafe Veranda combines an eclectic mix of (wannabe) classy and just down-right tacky. Being greeted upon entering by a mechanical fisherman sets the scene for a meal you’d rather not remember.

The complimentary colours of blue and orange on the walls and tables assault your senses rendering your tastebuds immobile. This may sound like the ideal caff for curing that hangover but it’s attempt at being more bistro than greasy spoon leaves you wondering about the intentions of the proprietors. However, everybody knows the miracle effect that a plate of sausages, bacon, chips, hash browns, eggs, beans and toast has on the feeble stomach apres Micklegate Run; and considering the meals on offer at Cafe Veranda won’t break the bank this grease-fest is all the more easy to swallow down with your sweet cup of tea.

Let’s face it fry-ups are pretty much one and the same whether served on tables and chairs bolted to the ground or on silver platters. Cafe Veranda manages to out-do KwikSave Cafe but never quite reaches the heights of the dizzying Copper Kettle on Walmgate. If you find yourself past out in The Priory the morning after the night before than this is the place for you. My only advice is eat with your eyes closed.

(Choling Pow)