May 2005

The Madness of King Ronald

I am increasingly convinced that advertising is subject to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle – it is possible, I am sure, only to know the current state of an advertising campaign or the direction in which it is moving, not both simultaneously

Roses Photos

The photos from the Roses weekend have been uploaded to our new on-line gallery. You can check them out here

Print Edition: 10th May 2005

Interactive version of this edition coming soon… You can also download the complete edition as a PDF file (121.80MB)

Parties and media turn blind eye to real issues

For any interested observer, the election season is always a particularly stark illustration of how British political culture works. All the normal mechanisms for the filtering and framing of issues are suddenly intensified – the “major” issues are presented in stark relief, and everything else is pushed to the margins

Lecturers, staff and students hit out over planned ‘Heslington East’

THE UNIVERSITY’S plans to expand on Heslington East have provoked a backlash from academics both within the campus and in the wider community.

The plans, which favour an expansion on an unprecedented scale to the east of the village of Heslington, were recently approved by the Councils planning committee in a lengthy and bitter meeting lasting over nine hours

The city that hides behind the Red Lights

Coldplay named a song after it, Ian McEwan set his Booker Prize winning novel there and Angelina Jolie keeled over in one of its tattoo parlours. Yes I’m talking about Amsterdam; the city where anything goes

The British culture of drinking to get drunk

Distinct from alcohol dependency, or going on non-stop drinking benders lasting several days, binge drinking is a socially accepted part of British culture

Why students will pay a high price for the Gap Year with a conscience

Sam Fugill discovers that travelling and trying to save the planet could cost the earth

It’s good to talk, but better to do

Wasn’t the morning of May 6th wonderful? Not you realise, because I was particularly interested in the fact that Labour get to act on more recommendations of independent advisers, but because there were prime photo opportunities while the gaggles of hacks tried to fish their smug smiles out of the gutters

No one cares what you think (at least not in my opinion…)

Could someone tell me quite what the point of a blog is? As far as I can see, their purpose is to fly off and roost alongside campus Tory election candidates, in a land where hard work meets with no gain. But not only that, where one starts with the full knowledge that your work will be entirely fruitless. Bizarre

My thank you to York campus

Local MP, John Grogan, is surprised he still has a job

At about 4am on Saturday 7 May I awoke with a start. My first thought was “When is the election count?”. My second thought I savoured in my mind for as long as possible “The count happened yesterday – I won!”

It’s a case of one for all but two for some

Would York University students exploit Labour’s new loophole? asks Sam Fugill