February 2005

Gay student’s violent ordeal after night out

A FIRST YEAR Halifax student was viciously assaulted on his way back from Toffs nightclub at the end of last term, in what is thought to have been a homophobic attack. This comes after a series of violent assaults on York students, amounting to five separate incidents over the past year

York students are set to make a packet from Ascot Races

YORK UNIVERSITY students up and down the South Bank area are contemplating letting their houses for Ascot this year. With 300,000 visitors expected to inundate York in mid-June, few residents are unaware of the potential profit they could make

Student Union attempt to take over events

CAMPUS EVENTS have come under threat from renewed attempts by the Student Union to centralise control over them. Under new proposals one SU committee will have the power to dictate the genre, branding and nature of a college’s events. The decision-making power of individual JCRCs will be decimated

Dispute over posters and publicity between colleges

INTER-COLLEGE relations between Halifax and Goodricke have taken a down turn, following a recent spat over event publicity.

A Halifax advert placed on the Student Union’s website and in Daily Info has provoked some criticism from Goodricke for it’s “negative publicity.”

York pubs set to shun new 24 hour licenses

ALL NIGHT PUB drinking is unlikely to become a reality in York, as no premises have expressed formal interest in 24 hour licensing.

A recent national survey did reveal that while none of the town’s pubs are tempted by the 24 hour licensing, many will apply to serve drinks until 1am, 2am and 3am

Students to desert ‘dull’ campus and use private rental

A SIGNIFICANT number of accommodation places for second and third years have still not been filled. Charges that campus life is too dull for undergraduates have sparked fears that more postgraduate students may be given on campus housing

SU support campaign for ethical merchandise

FOLLOWING OUR Stop the Sweat campaign, York University Student Union has suggested the introduction of a Code of Conduct in their recent merchandise report. This would mean that all clothing suppliers for the Union would have to meet certain ethical standards, including the provision of a living wage and reasonable working hours

York’s police ‘failing’ the victims of hate crimes

YORK POLICE are unique in their treatment of homophobic attacks compared to other towns and cities, classifying them as ‘diversity crimes’ rather than ‘hate crimes’. John Rose, SU Welfare Officer, believes that this seriously affects the number of attacks that are reported

Spate of thefts at James College spark concerns over security.

THREE SEPARATE instances of breaking and entering within the last fortnight have increased concerns over the state of security for students living in University accommodation. More than £2,000 worth of goods have been stolen from three adjacent blocks in James College

York could follow top unis and leave destitute NUS behind

FEARS HAVE come to light that York University may leave the NUS as a result of the organisation’s recent failings. Concerns having been raised over the new proposed NUS card which students will be asked to pay for

Computing Services set back the clock on repairs

URGENTLY NEEDED computer renovations are being delayed indefinitely as Computing Services fail to supply the required funding.

The troubled department initially promised upgrades of computers in Langwith and the J.B. Morrell Library last summer. However students have had to continue using facilities which a nouse survey has shown to be significantly faulty

Plans for ‘Halifax Student Union’ provoke widespread controversy across campus

PROPSALS TO CHANGE the Halifax College constitution, put forward by JCRC Chair James Flinders, have been met with great opposition. Both the Halifax JCRC and the Student’s Union have opposed amendments to the old constitution, particularly the controversial plan to rename the JCRC to ‘Halifax Student Union.’