October 2004

Cheap thrills in York

As freshers will soon find out, the student loan will only stretch so far. Nouse sent three students off into to York to see what excitement they could find with only £10 in their pocket

Horror and History

The city of York has more history than even the most culture hungry student can handle, but there are a few activities which will expand your knowledge of ‘ye olde times’ without leaving you in a boredom induced coma. Armed with only my umbrella to fend off those from the ‘dark side’ I left for the haunted streets of York with the soul intention of scaring myself silly whilst learning something about my surroundings. Lured in by the wails and screams of those who met their unpleasant end in this very city, my first port of call had to be the York Dungeons. With money-off vouchers from the tourist information centre, tickets can cost as little as £5