June 2004

Small Budget, Big Impact

The Cinematography Society’s showing at the City Screen proved that talent can overcome poverty. Alex Newhouse explores the sets and speaks to the actors behind their success

Students view Euro highs and lows

Two of the foremost dates in the mind of any England football fan this season will have been the match-ups against France and Switzerland. Of course, York students turned out in abundance across a variety of bars in the City

Martial arts triumph at AU awads

Martial arts swept the board at the Athletic Union’s awards ceremony last Wednesday, winning many of the top trophies. Judo…

Langwith athletes fall at the final hurdle

With Vanbrugh and Langwith jockeying for the top spot over recent weeks, it seemed college sport would come down to Athletics Day

Vanbrugh edge college contest

This year’s competition has seen fewer walkovers than ever before. The battle has been intense throughout the table: from the winners, Vanbrugh, to the wooden spoon winning Alcuin. A mere 11 points separated the top four positions

Handover of sovereignty?

As rifts heal at the UN, Adam Roney asks whether Iraq will have true sovereignty after handover

Chaos in the Desert Kingdom

With opposition increasing, the Saudi royal family are prompted to begin reforms, argues Mark Haslam

Venting Paternal Passions

After a year of protest, Fathers 4 justice hit the headlines via a flour-filled condom aimed at Tony Blair. Sam Southgate speaks to a founder member about the change they want and how they plan to get it


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Nouse Editorial

Admin in the dock over mumps, Su on the ropes over the BNP, and a fond farewell to nouse veterans

Why the University just doesn’t care about us

The University could have let us know about the mumps outbreak. It would not have been too much to ask…

Violence and Carnage! Not in Albufeira, in Vanbrugh!

Everybody has been quick to condemn the attack that marred the Woodstock event on Saturday. Rightly so, too, nobody should…