YSTV spend next year’s budget on reality show

Next term sees the launch of a brand new YSTV show in which eight of York University’s most minor celebrities are stranded in a Yorkshire Job Centre with only a copy of the Viosin Power List to defend themselves. The trials they will face have been kept under wraps, but nouse has learnt that as things hot up in the race to earn their weekly Giros the wannabies may even come face-to-face with a real, live, student!


nouse are giving you the chance to win a free copy of the series, before it even hits Your:Shop! This is a must-have for all students and is complete with special features:

Interactive games – Spot the potential on Osborne’s C.V.

Scene Selection – Simply skip a scene whenever Mags appears.

Director’s Commentary – The new Director General of YSTV explains why he “chose” to work on the series and why it’s far better than anything the BBC could ever produce.