Our Questions:
1. Should the lecturers strike on Tuesday and Wednesday of week 8?
2. What would you be prepared to do to clear your debt?
3. Do you know the symptoms of meningitis?
4. Should Greg Dyke remain as Chancellor of the University?

Name: Victoria Burns
College: Goodricke
Course: Economics & Politics
Year: 2nd

1. Yes, I think they are justified in taking strike action.
2. I would be prepared to pole dance to clear my debts, especially if it pays a lot!
3. I do know the symptoms of meningitis. A fever, a rash that doesn’t go away under a tumbler, dislike of bright lights and headaches.
4. Greg Dyke should not remain as Chancellor, not if he’s been thrown out from the BBC.

Name: Andrew Silvey
College: Halifax
Course: Computer Science
Year: 2nd

1. The lecturers and support staff are underpaid, and are justified in striking.
2. I would not go to any severe extremes to clear debt. I’d rather wait until graduation to deal with it.
3. I think the symptoms of meningitis are sore eyes, itchiness, sweating, dizziness and vomiting.
4. I don’t see any problems with Greg Dyke remaining as Chancellor. The Hutton Report is a little biased, and Greg Dyke’s basically a good bloke.

Name: James Daly
College: Goodricke
Course: Economics & Politics
Year: 2nd

1. No, the lecturers aren’t justified in striking. The strike will cause a loss of several important learning days.
2. Well I wouldn’t stretch to pole dancing. I’ll probably just declare bankruptcy when I graduate.
3. Yes, they include a stiff neck, bright light and a rash which does not disappear under a glass.
4. Initially, I didn’t think Greg Dyke should remain as Chancellor, as the BBC was disgraced. But, on reflection, everyone likes him and he’d make a good ambassador for the University.

Name: Kate Lalor
College: Goodricke
Course: English & Politics
Year: 1st

1. No, the lecturers should not strike, but we should support them, as they supported our tuition fees protest. Striking is a bit extreme.
2. I certainly would not lower myself to pole dancing for any money.
3. I’m not sure of the symptoms, but there is a glass test.
4. Greg Dyke should remain as Chancellor, because he promotes free speech.