York’s Harrington ready for new life

Former History lecturer, Ralph Harrington, has said he will definitely not be returning to campus to resume his position within the department, either as a teacher or researcher.

Harrington was suspended from the University in June last year after indecent images were discovered on his office computer and was subsequently convicted. He was, however, due to undergo a disciplinary hearing in November and could potentially have regained his job this year, as underlined by an email he sent to students under his supervision in December 2002. He promised, “I will be back full time in the autumn and look forward to seeing you then.”

“I just want to let the students know that this job was always about them. I feel they have been let down over this affair, in part by me.” He also said he felt the History department “were very supportive, in particular Mark Ormrod,” but refused to comment on the role of the University, claiming “that would not be a sensible thing to talk about right now.”

Admin were equally unwilling to talk in detail about the exact circumstance surrounding his departure with the Head of Communications, Hilary Layton reiterating that it was he who severed the relationship. When asked whether or not the resignation was amicable she could only answer, “as far as I know. His [disciplinary] hearing was scheduled for 12 November, but it never took place because he quit.”
Head of History, Mark Ormrod, meanwhile, gave a comment to nouse stating that his department “regreted the circumstances that led to Dr Harrington’s resignation.”

When pressed on whether the lecturer had been the victim of any pressure to leave, he said that it was “not the role of the History Department to decide whether staff stayed or went.” Harrington finally felt the need to leave with a parting shot at Campus’ other newspaper. “I feel that Vision contributed in no small way to the problems that occurred,” he said.