The Bay Horse, Fulford

It’s a Sunday morning, you’re recovering from last night’s Club D and you can’t remember where you put your phone. There is surely only one way you should head, and that’s south, to the Bay Horse in Fulford for their famous “Sunday carvery”. The Bay Horse is without a doubt the greatest culinary find since sliced bread. For £5.45 you can trade in a receipt for what can only be described as a feast, one which will leave most feeling totally full, incredibly tired, and occasionally ill. The illness is a rewarding one though; you’ve managed to fight your way through a plate of pork, turkey, beef, potatoes (mashed AND roast), veg, yorkshire puddings, sauces (you have to try their beef and onion gravy) and stuffing. To the average student, this is a valuable source of nutrition after a week of nothing but pasta with ketchup and cheese toasties to nourish our growing apetite for knowledge.

If £5.45 seems a bit steep for one meal, then listen up. If you time this right then the Bay Horse carvery will provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now think about this, all 3 meals for £5.45, BARGAIN!!!! The main doubt that I had on that fateful day when I first walked into the Bay Horse on a Sunday was that the food would taste of plastic and burnt toast. Have no fear, the food tastes excellent, which is why you are surprised when you find yourself, 30 minutes later, thinking that even the sight of any kind of food would push you over the edge and cause you to jump off Central Hall, safe in the knowledge that you wont have to eat any more Yorkshire puddings.

On a serious note, the Sunday carvery is great value for money, once you try it you will find that it will quickly turn into a weekly event, and simultaneously a contest between you and your friends, as to who will manage to finish their pile of delicious food first (if at all). You will be surprised that even those who approach their laden plate with complete confidence in their ability to get their money’s worth, will start looking green around the gills after only having consumed half a plateful. As yet, i have never met anybody who has found the technique of finishing their meal without feeling ill afterwards. If anyone has mastered this incredible technique, then please let me know. However, the experience is far better than being left empty – Vanbrugh kitchen take note!