On The Grapevine…BoB 2004

It seemed to run smoothly, but behind the scenes some bands have been in turmoil, with rumours of splits, injury and infighting. Many of this year’s bands had members who were in up to five other bands, leading many to wonder whether one day there will only be five people making up the twenty five bands that compete from the start of the competition. The musical talent of these young Dave Grohls was exceptional, but one could be forgiven for being somewhat confused as to which band was playing. Perhaps some sort of coloured bib system needs to be worked out for next year?

Will Buckley offered various anecdotes of his experiences of this year’s Battle of the Bands. His ‘number one’ band, subtly named Quim Reaper split up immediately after their performance in the heats – despite it apparently going quite well – following a drunken argument. They then reformed, and now exist as The Suburbs. His other competing band, the similarly eloquently named Shitbrats, garnered quite a following throughout the competition. It began in Goodricke bar, where a group of first years asked for a photo with the band. This developed into the band’s name being shouted at every subsequent round of the competition, and culminated in an invitation from The Broken Tooth Project to join them on stage – which was refused – and Getaway Plan modelling Shitbrats t-shirts.

James Smith, of Broken Tooth, when asked for his thoughts of this year’s event commented “The most important thing was the Shitbrats.” He then informed us that, as he had no particularly entertaining stories of the event, we could make up anything we liked about him. While we were tempted to accept this invitation of using a little journalistic license, it was our thought that under the circumstances – James is currently in a critical condition in hospital, after cremating his own arm and snorting the ashes, this would be inappropriate. The Project dominated the audience vote in the heats and the semis, and got to the final despite initially being rejected from the competition on the grounds of a late application. But despite this success, there have been ructions with in the band over whether they should have actually tried to win the final once they had got there. This has not deterred their supporters. One avid fan, Victoria Wylde screamed “Its as though ‘the tooth’ are made up of vaporised gas members who dissappear when they are done playing. An ethereal band by any standards!”

And there we have it, who will it be next year? Will Bugalee retain their crown? Will LBW finally hit the crowd for six? Or will Opus Pocus pull something out of the hat? Either way campus can hardly wait.